3 Things to Consider When Determining How Much Rent You Can Afford

Northside at Legacy

When looking for a new apartment, many people simply budget what they can afford based on the portion of income they expect to spend and save each month, and apply for a lease that fits in those figures. This is not the best way to manage your money as you need to consider your other expenses as well. When shopping for affordable Plano apartments for … [Read more...]

Our Five Community Pools are Great Places to Relax This Summer

Apartment Pool

Check out our Northside at Legacy apartment homes if you're searching for Plano apartments with pools. We offer luxury one or two bedroom, pet friendly apartments with fantastic community amenities, giving you the dream lifestyle to which you aspire. Our five community pools, most with decking, give you opportunities to relax and enjoy your summer … [Read more...]

Our Two Bedroom Plano Apartments Have Great Space and Function

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Check out our luxurious Northside at Legacy two bedroom Plano apartments if you're looking for a new home combining the utmost functionality to provide greatest amount of living space. We offer a variety of floor plans for our two bedroom homes, giving up to 1,600 square feet of living space. Our functional, architect designed homes are created with your … [Read more...]

The Bamboo Floors in Our Plano Apartments Add Great Character to Our Apartments

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If you're looking for character and quality styling in your new apartment home why not consider viewing apartments with bamboo floors? Plano apartments like our elegant Northside at Legacy homes are fitted with bamboo flooring as standard. Bamboo floors are natural and ecologically sound, offering similar benefits to hardwood flooring. Our bamboo floors … [Read more...]

Our Free Fitness Classes are a Great Way to Stay in Shape and Meet Neighbors

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Getting our body in in good shape is something that most of us think about more at different times of the year than others. Often it is either immediately after the Christmas binge, and with the New Year in focus, or coming into the spring and summer seasons that we are reminded of the need for exercise. For residents in our Plano Tx apartments this … [Read more...]

Moving Long Distance to Plano? Be Sure to Avoid These 3 Mistakes

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Moving is tough regardless of where you're moving from, but when it's a long distance move, it only adds to the stress.  If you have a long distance move ahead to your final destination of our Plano Tx apartments at Northside at Legacy, here are three things not to forget. Don't forget to consolidate: Chances are pretty great that there are plenty … [Read more...]

Refresh the Bedroom in Your Plano Apartment With These 3 Tips

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Do you love to re-decorate? We know that many of the residents of our Plano Tx apartments love to create a personalized look and feel inside their apartment home. When people re-decorate, they may find themselves focusing on rooms frequently used when visitors come over while the bedroom is often neglected. Giving your bedroom a new look and feel … [Read more...]

Find a Great Floral Arrangement for Your Plano Apartment at Mia Fiori

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Are you looking for something to brighten up your Northside at Legacy apartment? Plano apartment shopping includes a number of options, but if you want a quick splash of color, there's nothing better than flowers. Mia Fiori delivers throughout the Dallas metro area and does custom arrangements to match your style. Or buy a live plant to add more … [Read more...]

Have a Delicious Breakfast in Dallas at These 3 Dallas Restaurants

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Northside at Legacy Apartments are close to some of the best Dallas restaurants you can find. Breakfast is important, and if you want a good one, here are three suggestions: 1. Oddfellow's - it's a classic American diner and good for lunch and dinner as well, but all day breakfast includes classics such as Eggs Benedict, a pancake sampler and … [Read more...]

Our Resident Social Activities are a Great Way to Meet Your Neighbors

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The variety of social activities are one of the great features of Plano apartment living. Your Northside at Legacy residency includes social activities and events. There are also activities for you, your family and friends in the Plano community. If you are new to the area or just want to get to know some new people, participating in the various … [Read more...]