Great Places to Fish in Plano

Great Places to Fish in Plano Fishing is a great outdoor activity. Luckily, the City of Plano has great places to toss a line and fish all day long. Those who live in apartments in Plano can indulge in fishing in the city’s numerous parks, as well as the state parks located around North Dallas. Bob Woodruff Park, Russell Creek Park, Shawnee Park are some of the most famous fishing-spots close to Plano.

Twin Lakes Park is a very popular fishing spot in Plano. This beautiful park is filled with fish stocked by TDPW , or Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Some of the species TDPW stocks include catfish, bass, bluegill and sunfish. Visit the Twin Lakes and enjoy your favorite activity all day long.

Folks living in apartments in Plano can also visit Russell Creek Park and Shawnee Park for fishing, as they’re right down the road. Both these fishing spots are stocked with similar species as those listed above.

If you’re looking for more fishing hot spots around Plano, take a peek at Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s website.

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